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Shock mount for Zoom H2


Here are some photos of a shock mount that I fabricated for a Zoom H2 recorder.  Shock mounts are used to help isolate microphones handling vibrations.  There are currently no commercial shock mounts for the H2, but I wanted something that I could use with a handle (to use similar to an interview microphone), or with the H2's stand (to put on a stage and provide some isolation from actor footfalls).

My design goal was to create a shock mount frame that I could fold up very compactly for transport, yet would be rigid in use.

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The horizontal bar is aluminum channel, tapped to 1/4"x20 thread for tripod mounting.  Although there really is only need for one tapped hole, I made three... in case I manage to strip one of the threads.

The vertical bars are flat aluminum stock, that have been notched (as one would do for a half-lap joint) where they join to the horizontal bar (this keeps them vertical).  Although I machined the notches with a mini-mill, you could also do it simply with a file.

I've used black epoxy spray paint to coat the metal, in a small attempt to make the shock mount less conspicuous.  Ideally, the aluminum would be anodized black, but paint will suffice for this experiment.

I'm using two #64 3.25" x .25"  rubber bands for the suspension.  I tried a couple of o-rings, but they didn't work as well.  When the rig is folded, the rubber bands fit nicely in the aluminum channel, keeping everything together.  When I first build the mount, black rubber bands were backordered... I finally was able to get some a few months later, and they're in the first couple of photos.

The photos below show all the parts, and how the joints work.  The screws tighten with a coin.


I hope others find this useful.  I've used the shockmount for recording interviews and also placed at the edge of theater stages to record plays.  So far, it's worked flawlessly.


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