Grilled Chicken

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Grilled Chicken

Grilling a chicken is a nice way to prepare a delicious dinner with very little fuss.

We brined the whole 3 lb. chicken for about 45 minutes in about a gallon of water with a cup of kosher salt and a cup of sugar.

I rinsed and toweled the bird dry, then cut it in half.  Next I sprinkled the chicken with some of JJ's rub.  We tend to make batches of this rub and keep it around, so it's readily available in my kitchen.  You could just as easily do salt and pepper and some garlic, and wind up with nice results.

I fired up the Kamado, and brought the temperature to about 450 degrees.  Recently I've preferred cooking chickens at a higher temperature than normal (350-375 degrees), and find it yields wonderful results.

The two halves of the bird went on bone side down for about 20 minutes, then turned it skin side down for about another 20 minutes.

The brining makes for a very very moist bird, yet the skin was nice and crispy.  Lauren made a simple bean salad that consisted of some canned corn, red kidney beans, white cannellini beans, some fresh green bell pepper, salt, pepper, and an vinegrette dressing.... very nice, very simple.

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