Grilled Crabs

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Grilled Crabs


Although I often watch the Food TV network, I rarely watch Emeril Lagasse.  However, today was a repeat of one of his early shows (before he started yelling at anyone).  The reason the show peaked my interest was because it featured soft shell crabs.

He showed the basics:  deep frying and sauteeing.  However the thing that really intrigued me was grilling the crabs.

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Fortunately, we have a fish store a block from our home.  Lauren stopped by after I told her about the show.

The fish monger cleaned the live crabs, and Lauren was surprised that he "cut their faces off"  (also called removing the pod).  Our neighbor who joined us for dinner was making all sorts of references to the "Revenge of the Faceless Crab Monsters"... soon to be appearing at a theater near you.

Undaunted, we simply drizzled the crabs with some olive oil, and dusted them with garlic peppercorn CharCrust rub.

The crabs were put onto a 450 degree grill, for a couple of minutes then turned over.

After dinner, I was asked how long they cooked for.  I replied "just until the legs started to char". 

Lauren made a chutney that contained mango, avocado, tomatoes, Vidalia onions, red bell pepper, garlic, lemon juice (we were out of limes), olive oil, and some hot sauce.

The results were delicious.

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