London Broil

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London Broil

Lauren picked up a couple of flank steaks at a local warehouse club.  Aside from preparing dinner, this is a first test of my new little digital camera (a Nikon CP950).  I had been using a film camera and scanning the prints, so this is a bit of an experiment in resizing and compression of purely digital images.

One of the steaks is still in our freezer, this one was defrosted for tonight's dinner.

Normally, we would have marinated the steak to tenderize and add flavor, but this time we forgot.  So we coated the meat with some CharCrust Roast Garlic & Peppercorn rub (using a shaker can), and put it on the Kamado.

I used the gas burner to preheat the cooker, and to light some coals.  The cooking temperature was about 650 degrees. The photo above was taken after the steak was turned over. I gave the meat 5 minutes on each side, and then shut down the air flow and let it dwell for about 5 minutes.

After letting the meat rest on the cutting board for a while, it was time to slice thinly across the grain, and eat.  The meat was pretty tender, and very tasty (the center of the steak was quite rare, with it medium rare towards the ends).  Our boys especially like the crispy bits around the edges.

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