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HDS EDC Ultimate 60 flashlight

Placeholder page for HDS Systems flashlight photos... more text will follow ASAP.

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Stock configuration with HDS EDC clip

Comparing HDS EDC and Arc 4+ clips. 

Notice that the Arc 4+ clip is bent so that the top of the clip is at bezel level.

I rather like this, as it facilitates the way I carry the Arc 4+, in a grommet on the spine of my New Sun wallet.  This allows the light to be more centered on the wallet's side.

When I switched to the HDS EDC, as my every day carry light, I moved the Arc clip to the new light, as shown below.

The photos below show how it simply clips securely to the wallet.  I carry the light bezel up in my front pants pocket.  This allows me to remove the light from my pocket without having to remove the wallet (with a tug, the clip slips from the grommet, and the light is released)

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