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One snowy evening...

February 5, 2001

A winter storm dropped very wet snow on Oradell.

There were branches and wires down all over town.

Our neighbor called and asked if we knew that a tree limb from a very large tree on another neighbor's front lawn had fallen on one of our cars.

We didn't know, and it turns out that the limb fell from a height of 40 feet or so onto the hood of our little Subaru.  Thankfully no one was walking under the tree when it happened, and it's also fortunate that it just missed the wires leading into the house (phone, power, etc).

I don't own a chainsaw, but I managed to cut the branches into pieces with a reciprocating saw (nice toy).

carhoodjpg.jpg (102389 bytes)  carleftside.jpg (122146 bytes) 

carinside.jpg (75347 bytes)  carrear.jpg (116611 bytes)

Click on the photos for larger images.

As you can see, this was a pretty big hunk of lumber that fell.  It weighed a couple of hundred pounds, and stretched pretty much across our lawn (approximately 40 feet long), right to our front door.  The damage to the car included a smashed windshield and some body damage.


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