Ancient History

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Ancient History

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, Alan worked with a DOS database called Paradox.

For those of you who remember that product and those days, here are a couple of photos of the books and products Alan was involved with. Click on the small photos for larger pictures.

ParaLex was our first product, a data dictionary and table documenter for Paradox applications.

The first version was published in 1987 by Zenreich Systems.  The last version was published in 1994.

I decided to make the retired product available free for those who want/need it.  Click here to download ParaLex 4.5

There were three versions of The Paradox Programmer's Guide: PAL by Example, by Alan Zenreich and James Kocis.  One for version 3.0 (1990), one for 3.5 and one for 4.0.

The 4.0 version of PAL by Example, published in 1993 was just shy of 1,200 pages, and was made pretty much unmarketable by Paradox 4.5 which shipped shortly after the book was published.  However, it was the most technically complete tome on the subject matter.

WaitPlus Pro was a product used by application developers that allowed for extensive control of data entry sessions.  The original versions were designed and coded by Alan Zenreich, and the last version was redesigned by Andrew Appell for the Paradox 4.0 platform.


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