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Zenreich Systems was founded in 1987 to design custom database solutions and produce products to help other developers.  

We no longer do database development, nor do we provide utility programs or training.  The information below is for historical reference.

Lauren Zenreich 

Lauren used Microsoft Access as a platform for system development. She supplied her courseware and services to training organizations and major corporate clients. 

Her application development experience includes systems for Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller companies, throughout the United States and in Europe.  She has written several articles for Access/Visual Basic Advisor magazine.

Alan Zenreich

Alan has been involved with Microsoft Access since its very earliest days.  A full-time database developer, he has written and lectured extensively on database programming and implementation.  

For several years Alan was a technical lead on a project that uses Microsoft Access as a front end to Microsoft SQL Server for a large scale financial application. 

Alan is now Community Development Lead for a global computer hardware and software company, and is not currently available for development projects.

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