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Bagster Tank Cover System

The BMW R1200C Montana edition comes with a set of saddlebags.  However, these bags are a bit on the small side, and I wanted the option of expanding the storage.

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One solution is using a tank bag.  However many tank bags aren't fastened securely, and often rely on magnets to hold the bag to the tank.  Another problem with many tank bags is that they (or dirt getting under them) tend to scratch the paint on the tank.


When I bought my bike, I was introduced to the Bagster system.  This consists of a tank protector cover that's made specifically for each bike model.  The cover is strapped around the tank and has a four point attachment for a wide range of their tank bags.


I have the 8.5 liter "City" bag and the "Map holder".


Each item attaches by slipping D rings into the round receptacles at the front of the cover.  These are then latched in place.  The other end of each bag has metal tabs that fit into clips.


When it comes time to refuel, just press the rear clips to release, and the bag pivots up on the D rings, so the gas cap can be opened without removing the bag entirely.

When I don't need the extra storage, the bag lives in my left side saddlebag.  When I need some more room, I mount the bag, and have an entire saddle bag free for cargo.


The tank protector has a soft underside, and doesn't move around on the bike because it's fastened with 5 straps.  One goes under the steering head, as shown above.  Two go under the tank from one side of the bike to the other.  The final two loop through a part of the frame just under the front of the saddle.  So, the tank cover isn't going anywhere!


I must admit that I was hesitant about getting this system.  On one hand, I really like the look of the painted gas tank.  It's elegant, and has a little pin striping.  The thought of "protecting the paint" with an opaque tank cover had me thinking back to "protecting" a sofa with a plastic slip cover.  Some folk see the beautiful fabric underneath... I see plastic <s>

However, the primary reason I got the system is to carry the tank bag, not to preserve shiny black paint.  Fortunately the tank protector looks like leather (it's actually canvas) and has nicely sculptured padded sections on the side, so the lines flow nicely with rider and passenger saddles.  It kind of looks like I have a leather gas tank.

So, I'm glad I got the Bagster system.  If I needed to, I could get any number of tank bags with much larger capacity.  For now, the flexibility and quality of this system is something I'm quite happy with.

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