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We are having a great time working on pendants.

We're using an offset pendant backer plate, exploring the possibilities by using different materials, offsets, techniques and finishes.

The photos below are mix of finished and almost completed pendants. 

Some of the early pendants were just experiments with tools, materials and techniques.

The pendants are about 1.75" in diameter.

So far, it's been great fun working in the shop with Lauren, collaborating on these pieces.

Click on the small photos for larger images.

For those who now wear them... their names are in parentheses (if I remember correctly).

Round 1: The earliest experiments

Our very first pendant.  Stabilized buckeye burl, with an offset, recessed necklace hole.  Most who have seen it, think it's stone.   (Lauren Z)
Scribing two offset patterns onto a piece of Padauk.  (Devin L)
Scribing concentric offset patterns onto mahogany.  We may add a couple of crystals at the ends of one side of the scribed lines.
Our first attempt at inlay using a router before going to the lathe.  Maple with walnut inlay.  First attempt at affixing a Swarovsky crystal to a pendant.
Another buckeye burl, with bottom hole drilled to accept some hanging beads... haven't decided where this one is going.  (Lauren Z)
First large hole offset and working with beads and crystals.  Exploring the ways of creating the large hole, making the assembly and affixing the findings.  This padauk wood still needs final finishing, buffing.  (Lauren Z)

Round two

Experimenting with more large offset holes and beading options

Click on the small photos for larger images.

Zebrawood with wooden beads  (Erin C?)
Buckeye burl with crystals  (Isabel ZR)
Padauk with etched glass beads  (Kathy K?)
Padauk with glass disk, crystal and seed beads   (Lauren R)

You'll see that we really like this combination, and its variations.

Padauk with gold ring  ()
Buckeye burl with glass bead  (Jamie P)
Padauk with glass disk and crystal beads  (Judy B)
Padauk with glass disk, crystal and seed beads  (Joanne)
Padauk with crystals and seed beads  (Dana E)
Oak, near the pith (Dean HVWT) 

Round three

Continuing to explore materials and techniques

Growing fond of the offset circle with various beading styles

This set finished with Danish Oil, buffed, then Renaissance Wax and final buffing.

Click on the small photos for larger images.

Kingwood with amethyst crystal necklace
Marblewood with red velvet beads
Padauk with red/blue jasper
Padauk with red/blue jasper (Kellie)
Padauk with seed beads and rectangle
Padauk with silver ring, crystals and beads  (Kellie )
Padauk with glass disk, crystal and seed beads
Padauk with glass disk, crystal and seed beads  (Lyn B.)

 A unique redesign opportunity

This stabilized buckeye burl pendant was intended to be round with an offset 5/8" hole.

However, things do not always go as planned.

When boring the center hole on the drill press, a small chunk came off of the blank. Some epoxy, dried coffee grinds, and voodoo let me put it back together again.

However with the blank mounted on the pendant backer plate, I was shaping the outer edge when a larger chunk went into orbit somewhere in the shop. This was not repairable.

Undeterred, I took this as a 'redesign opportunity'.

Back to the drill press, with a larger forstner bit to rough out a moon profile.

Then back to the lathe, using the forstner bit in the tailstock to align the blank around the new eccentric center. A little shaping of the inner curve took a few minutes... keeping in mind that there's not much wood being held onto by the double sided tape.
Because of the shape, there's lots of air being turned... delicate stuff.

Next, re-center the blank and shape the outside edge. then remove from the backer plate, and follow up with some final shaping using sanding mops, then on to my first use of Deft water based lacquer. Lauren wanted this piece to be a little glossy.

Finally, I had to drill two tiny holes for the screw eye findings. Trick was deciding where they should be placed so the moon would be at a slight angle when the necklace and beading were attached. Lauren had already prepared the crystals and chain work.

We got the pendant done just in time for a black tie wedding a few weeks back. I was in a tux, and Lauren wore the pendant on a black dress. It looked lovely on her.

So, this was not what we intended to make. But the forces in the universe kept saying "you don't want to make that... you want to make this..."

Sometimes it pays to just go with the flow and see what was hiding in the materials.

African Blackwood

African Blackwood with Jasper

African Blackwood with Labradorite


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