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Here are photos of some of the pens we've made.

Some have been made as gifts, some made to order.

Click on the small photos for larger images.

Assorted materials

Three rollerball pens.  From left to right: M3 Damascus (metal compoisite), acrylic, coffee beans
Better view of the M3 Damascus
M3 Damascus with Banded Ivory Tru-Stone



These are some of the pens turned from wood blanks.

Amboyna burl ball point
Left to right:  Three zebrawood, black/white ebony, spalted maple ballpoints
Bloodwood ball point
Assortment of wood and acrylic ballpoint pens, give as gifts in 2009


These pens are turned from acrylic blanks.

Red/gold acrylic ball point
Blue/black acrylic ball point
Pink acrylic fountain pen
Red/black acrylic fountain pen
Sky Blue Pink acrylic ball point pen


Tru -Stone

These are our first Tru-Stone pens.  According to the supplier, Tru-Stone is manufactured from approximately 85% natural stone ore that has been pulverized to a powder and then mixed with pigments and acrylic resin. It is then compressed into blocks and cut to size.  I turn these on the lathe using carbide tools, and then use MicroMesh and buffing to bring them to a very nice polished finish.

I had to make some repairs to the top of the black/gold pen and also to the bottom of the red/gold pen.  The repairs are visible only under a bright light through a magnifier, but I know they are there.  So, I've made a red/gold top black/gold bottom hybrid of the perfect halves, and will keep the other halves as a reminder of how easy it is to mess up with this material (and how the repairs can be virtually invisible).

  Banded Ivory Tru-Stone
Trio (or is it quartet) of Tru-Stone tycoon pens
Green banded Tru-Stone malachite roller ball
Red Jasper Tru-Stone roller ball
Black/gold Tru-Stone fountain pen
Red/gold Tru-Stone fountain pen
Red/gold-black/gold Tru-Stone fountain pen. Made by using the top of the red and bottom of the black pens shown above.
Black/gold red/gold Tru-Stone fountain pen. Made by using the bottom of the red and top of the black pens shown above.




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