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Kamado Cooking
Corned Beef
Cabbage Soup
Garlic Spare Ribs
Gefilte Fish
Harira - Moroccan stew
Ricotta Cheese
Macaroni & Cheese
Fried Chicken
Apricot Garlic Pasta



Cooking has become a great interest around this household.

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Aside from learning all sorts of new techniques, we get to play with some lovely cooking toys.  A few notable changes: 

  • We reworked part of our little kitchen a while back, and have started upgrading many of the tools we work with.
  • We've become very fond of the All-Clad stainless steel cookware that we purchased at Cookware & More.
  • Our knife blocks are populated with some terrific knives from Global, Kyocera, and Wustoff, mostly purchased at Master Grinding (very nice people, very good prices).
  • And of course, one of our prized toys is the cobalt blue #7 Kamado cooker.  Info for this amazing device can be had at Kamado Company web site and on our own Kamado pages shown our Kamado Cooking link (where most of our current photos reside).

We've also taken several classes at Cooktique, a local cooking store here in New Jersey. 

As we get a chance, we'll update these pages with photos, recipes and discussions.

If you have comments, please visit the Guestbook.


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