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A couple of years ago, I developed an interest in flashlights, particularly the recent crop of hi-tech lights.

I like the technology, the craftmanship and electronic creativity that goes into some of these lights.

Of course, there are the obvious benefits of having quality lights at one's disposal...

So, I started looking around the internet for information about flashlights.

I found www.CandlePowerForums.com which provides a wealth of information about every conceivable type of flashlight.

I started acquiring lights of various styles, incandescent, LED, pocketable, high power, even microprocessor controlled.  The group below is a sampling of the first lights I bought.


I'm even considering designing and building some lights of my own, with the mini-lathe in my little shop.

Because we think carrying flashlights at all times is a good idea, we've given keychain lights as gifts to many of our friends and relatives.  So now we're just a little more prepared for the next time the lights go out.

I'll add pages as I make photographs and write text about the various light.s

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