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The Great Ukulele Adventure

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As some of you know, I've been learning to play mandolin for a while.

I have been mostly working on learning melody, and reading music, and that's coming along slowly.

However, I haven't spent much time on strumming or chords.  In an attempt to remedy this, I decided to look at an instrument that's kinder and gentler on a novice player than the 8 string, high tension mandolin is.

This led me to the ukulele, and the inevitable UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome).

So far, I have two playable ukes... a Martin SO soprano (solid mahogany), and an EleUke concert (rosewood) electric.

I think my family will appreciate the EleUke that lets me do not-quite-silent-but-pretty-quiet practicing using earphones.

Here's a photo of the Martin SO soprano, the EleUke concert, and my Big Muddy mandolin.

The next photo shows the size difference of some of the instruments

Left to right:

EleUke, Martin uke, AlanZ OM-1 octave mandolin, Big Muddy mandolin, Martin Backpacker mandolin

I'll add more detail to this page as I go along.

Revised: December 13, 2017


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