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Stand up straight!

Every so often it's useful to put the bike on a center stand.  Whether it be cleaning the wheels, or keeping the bike upright when checking the oil level, a center stand is pretty convenient.

I got this Wunderlich stand from BMW Santa Cruz, during a visit to California.  You can click on the small photos for larger images.

It's a two piece unit (three pieces if you separate the center section.) The lever telescopes from the compact position to the full length.


The stand connects to mounting points beneath the bike by means of hinged captured pins that go through special holes in the bike's frame.

You stand attach the lever, then stand on it to bring the bike to an upright position.  The wheels make for a smooth transition to vertical.


The bike is then nicely balanced, you can rest either the front or the rear wheel on the ground, letting the other spin freely.

When not in use I collapse the lever, the parts store flat.

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