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Riding Gear

Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving in a car.

You're out there in the elements and weather (good and bad), not snuggled in a climate controlled enclosure.

For me, good riding gear is as much a matter of comfort as it is for safety.  If I don't feel safe, I don't feel comfortable.  Also, I like to be warm in the winter, and cool in the summer... well, at least be as comfortable as is practical.

So, I'm not likely to ride without reasonable protection.  Full face helmets, gloves, jackets, boots... they all are part of my getting on a bike.  I'll leave the t-shirt and sneaker attire to others.

Outfitting a rider and passenger with good gear is an investment and a commitment.

As of this writing, the gear is shared between me and my passengers and includes:

  • Arai Quantum /e helmet

  • Schuberth Concept helmet

  • Shoei RF900 helmet

  • Belstaff Typhoon jacket

  • BMW heated vest

  • BMW AirFlow summer jacket

  • FirstGear Kilamanjaro jacket

  • Some leather and cordura jackets from my earlier riding period

  • FroggToggs rain suits

  • Sidi Champion boots

  • Women's boots for Lauren

  • Harley Davidson kids boots for Josh

  • Alpinestar gloves

  • Dianese back armor

  • BuddyBelt passenger handholds

  • Chatterbox rider/passenger intercom

I'll make some pages that make pages for some of the gear we've acquired.

For the moment, take a look at the Helmet link at the left.

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