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What's New?

Laser guided hollowing.  The Monster arrives.

LED task lamps... shedding some light on the subject.

Bowls turned on the lathe

Vacuum chuck for the lathe... it really sucks!

Pens (wooden, acrylic, Tru-Stone)

Collaborating on some wood pendants

Woodworking, projects and a little basement shop tour.

An attempt to learn chords and strumming... the ukuleles

Lauren's great Harp Adventure begins... Celeste follows us home.

The Great Mandolin Adventure begins...

Scott Zenreich's new website.  The actor's resume, bio, video clips and photos!

Compact shock mount for Zoom H2 audio recorder.

Updated motorcycle helmet brakelight

SOLAS tape application to increase motorcycle conspicuity.

Xin SuperMicro 3 ultra portable headphone amp arrives

Headlight modulator ticket story

Kisan chargeX and chargeGuard for the motorcycle.

Update on the GPS page.

Maple glazed pork chops

Photos and videos of Scott in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess Ida"

Xin SuperMacro 3 headphone amp arrives

Here are some of the most recent additions or updates to our web site.  

A couple of videos of Zoe...

Photos of our anniversary motorcycle trip to the Gaspe' Penninsula in Canada

Some new photos of Violet... the hedgehog

Condor-Lift modifications to the Trailer-In-A-Bag

Our newest family member... a baby hedgehog.

Cruisin's Classic Creations' tail rack for the motorcycle.

A little Mini Cooper S joins the family.

Finally started the first knife project!

RiderLight helmet mounted brakelight

Wilbers suspension for the motorcycle

Grilled soft shell crabs.

New wireless Smoker thermometer

Scott "Rocks the Boat" in Guys and Dolls

The Blizzard of 2003 comes to New Jersey

Portable music with an iPod  mp3 player

Prime Rib adventure, a classic roast made on the Kamado, updated with photos of a 5 rib roast.

Scott appears as the Courier in 1776

Run-n-Lites Lite-Buddys... rear LED running lights for the motorcycle.  Now updated with a BackOFF LED license plate frame and the new taillight assembly.

Trailer in a bag... a motorcycle trailer

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum... at Scott's high school

A couple of new Motorcycle pages including some modifications  showing tank bag, lighting, GPS and other toys.

Muffler heat shields for the motorcycle.

Heated insoles, a project for cold weather riding.

Installation of a battery monitor for the Motorcycle

Snow White Goes West, casts Scott as Chuck Dwarf... a very animated character in purple.

Leg of lamb on the Kamado.

An updated Fried Chicken page... complete with photos, recipe and  Lauren's notes.

Tilapia fish fillets for dinner

Some of the riding gear we use with the motorcycle, including the helmets

Spare ribs, simple and delicious

Kamado Cook-off 2001 photos

Photos of new fairings for the motorcycle.

A whole salmon cooked on the Kamado.

Wasabi Garlic Steak... a wonderful combination.

Slip slidin' away... this time with the CycleSlider.

Panorama -- Spring has sprung... a view from my office window

Pippin -- "We've got magic to do, just for you..."  Scott and Joshua in a high school production of a wonderful musical.  

A return to Motorcycling

The knife page has a photo of the Valois belt knife

A simple InfoTxt database for Nikon 990 users helps keep track of image technical information gathered from data supplied by the camera.

Crown pork roast treat for New Years day party.

Pumpkin carving... with a little twist (Oliver, that is!)

Lamb Ribs with Old Bay spices, and a little pumpkin on the side.

Oliver! -- Our sons in a community theater production, details and rehearsal photo are now available!  Also new to the page are photos of necklaces that Lauren made for the director and musical director, and a photo of the entire cast and crew.

Battery Bracket... an adventure is grinding.

How big a print can one make from a digital camera?  Big enough!

Grilled sausage sandwich, a quick summer meal.

A case for the 990, a compact photo kit.

Flash bracket update, new photos and commentary

Lens cleaning pen... keeping camera lenses clean on the go.

Construction on KK road, our first test of a panorama with the CP 990

Glazed Grilled Salmon recipe and photos.

Refinishing the cooking table for the Kamado

Filet Mignon steaks, and unexpected gift prepared simply.

The Garlic is here!  We've harvested our first little crop...now to figure out why we got such tiny garlic!

Garlic Shrimp, a lip-tingling dinner.

A reworked base for a #5 Kamado.

Grilled pork chops... experimenting with brining and some new sauces.

Cornish Hens... chickens for dinner.

Studio lighting... more than 20 years later and I'm fussing with bank lights again!

Zoe the Chicken... the smallest member of our family

Merlie's Magic beef, a first attempt cooking with one of "Hoboken Eddie's" sauces.

Apricot Garlic Pasta?  Sounds strange, but it's a big hit around here.

Fireworks 2000 photographs of a wonderful fireworks display presented in our town by the Grucci pyrotechincians.

Swimming pool -- It's that time of year again... I get to play "pool-boy" and open the pool for the season.  The photos show the transformation from swampy water to swimmable, and also shows a hi-tech toy for keeping the water pristine and clear.

Anchovy Garlic Mustard steak, can little fishies actually improve a great steak?  Page updated with a photo of our local butcher.


The Photography page will be a home for digital camera information, and a future site for some of my decade old professional photos.  It has been recently updated with some photos of and with my circa 1992 digital camera and some macro photos with the new camera.  There is also a Photography FAQ page where I'll be adding notes as folk ask questions.

The Search page lets you quickly find information by keywords.

Rubs and sauces for bbq

Cooking bbq for a crowd, a menu in progress

Macaroni & Cheese?  Yup, dinner in a box! 

Skirt Steaks, a tasty cut of beef, simply prepared.

Tech 2000 some homecoming photos from Alan's high school reunion. Check out the slide rule!

Grilled Chicken Wings... brined so they are crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside... get out your napkins!

It looks like our Guestbook is finally working (for the moment).  Please leave any comments or suggestions that you want to share with other people who visit the site. 

Remote thermometer... a new toy brings cooking into the bedroom.

KamadoGas installation, more toys for the cooker (and some updated photos).

Dwelling... searing then roasting

Anchovy Garlic Mustard steak, can little fishies actually improve a great steak?

Grilled Scallops and Tiger Prawns, a quick meal.

Grilled Chicken.... simple but delicious.

London Broil, grilled flank steak.

Steamed Garlic Spare Ribs with  black bean sauce.

A little thermometer tip.


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